Metropolitan A.M.E. CHURCH


African Methodist Episcopal Church  
1778 N.W. 69TH STREET
              MIAMI, FLORIDA 33147              
"A City on a Hill Cannot be Hidden."
Matthew 5:14
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You'll be glad you did!

Pastor Clark



Welcome to the City that cannot be Hidden!

Here at The Metro,

Our members are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise. We believe in making daily contributions to the well being of both individuals and the community at large.

We believe in helping people to live a better quality of life by teaching them the word of God, and the principles taught by his son our Lord Jesus the Christ.

We also believe that by sharing our faith we can increase the opportunities of each individual in the community to be successful.

It's here at The Metro ! Where we come to Praise the Mighty name of "Jesus, the Risen Savior!" Come by and experience an anointed move of God, you'll be mighty glad you did, and remember;

"There's Plenty good room in the Masters Kingdom"